Wales: bird flu infected policeman considers law suit

06-11-2007 | |

It has been reported that a North Wales police officer may sue the force after becoming ill after being sent to guard a bird flu protection zone.

Apparently the action is over claims that police were not given the same protective clothing as government officials. It is believed that it may be for this reason that the officer later developed flu-like symptoms.
A barrier had been placed around a farm at Corwen in Denbighshire in May, where the H7N2 strain of the flu was detected at the farm.
The force said its legal department had received a representation and the matter was under investigation.
Tests are currently underway to determine the strain of flu the police officer suffered. The public health service for Wales says at least 17 people showed flu-like symptoms in the wake of the outbreak.
Tests are continuing although the owners of the farm are thought to have tested negative for the bird flu strain.

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