X-rays ensure chicken fillet quality

11-11-2008 | |

The installation of two Ishida X-ray inspection systems at the Rose Poultry factory in Skovsgaard, Denmark, has fully automated the previously manual process of checking chicken fillets for bones.

Rose Poultry is reportedly Denmark’s largest most advanced manufacturer of chicken products for local and foreign markets. Striving for quality, the company sought to further enhance the inspection process on its frozen chicken fillet lines.

The new Ishida IX-GA-2475 X-ray machines offer automatic detection the smallest pieces of bone, at speeds of up to 160 fillets per minute. The system uses a unique self-learning Genetic Algorithm (GA) to ensure maximum detection sensitivity and reliability, and reportedly detect impurities down to 0.3 mm in size and can also spot missing items or damaged products. In addition, the place of contamination can be accurately pinpointed.

Once checked by the Ishida system, any rejected fillets are transferred to a separate conveyor and taken off for inspection and repacking.  “This means that we now only have to manually inspect around 10% of production whereas before we had to check 100%,” says Rose Poultry factory manager Per Alan Jensen. “Another advantage of the machine is its compact size which means it can fit easily into a line in any part of the factory.”

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Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist