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[Photo: Koos Groenewold]
[Photo: Koos Groenewold]

Every successful manager knows that a motivated employee is a productive employee. The key to motivating employees is to create an internal drive in the employee’s mind to carry out their duties at the most optimal manner that is ?consistent with the objective of maximising ?the profitability of the operation. But is it really possible to motivate employees to care about the operation and their job duties at such a high level?

The answer is yes, but the right strategies must be developed and implemented by management. Of course, we are all aware that the field of motivating employees is a large one with many varying opinions and philosophies. Every manager in any kind of operation must decide how to motivate the persons under his charge. But sadly, many managers have misconceptions about what approach to use and often resort to tactics and strategies that actually result in un-motivated employees. Kenneth Kovach of George Mason University did a study that found some surprising results as to what employees really want.


Here are 5 steps towards motivating poultry farm employees


Make sure that each employee finds his position interesting. This can be done by HR before job placement to make sure the employee is matched with the position that is most to his liking. Of course the more interesting the position the better the performance. Later job satisfaction surveys should be done with the potential for a job transfer to another duty more to the liking of the employee. Nothing hurts motivation and performance like being ‘stuck in a dead end’ job where the employee just performs his minimal duties just not to get fired.


Managers must make sure to show their appreciation of the employees work with verbal feedback and congratulations for a job well done. A good word goes a long way to make the employee feel he is appreciated which will make him feel a part of the company which will lead to higher motivation. Top managers should take a seminar in motivating employees and should be taught what to say and what not to say to employees. We all know that one badly placed comment can harm the ego of an employee and cause motivation and performance to drop. A informal regular face to face meeting with employees should be instituted where the employees get a chance to express their feeling and any complaints they may have such as having been insulted or belittled by managers. Managers must make sure to convey that this comments are appreciated and that the employees will not ‘lose’ by them.


Managers must show respect to their employees by making them feel in on things. They must include them in operational meetings discussing the well being of the chicks and other issues. The opinions of the employees must be appreciated and considered as they are on the front lines and have the feedback information that managers need. Proposals and recommendations should be encouraged and shown to be appreciated and values.  A valued employee is a motivated employee who will feel more committed to the operation and the success of the poultry operation.


Managers must make sure that the employees feel that they have job security – that they will not be fired for no good reason. Like this they will focus on the long term success of the operation.
There is the hard manager approach who believes that instilling fear of punishment or penalties to salaries will maximise productivity. The result is often the opposite – upset employees who feel abused and mistreated who thus end up being less concerned about the success of the operation.


And last but not least, employees must be paid their fair wages.


We see that internal psychologically based issues are what really touches the employee and makes him tick. It thus behooves managers to think and respect the psychological needs and profile of his employee if he really expects to get the best out of his employees.

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