Antigua: Zacky Mann Farms no threat to local egg producers

08-05-2012 | | |

Zacky-Mann Farms plans to establish a major poultry operation in Antigua and Barbuda have been viewed as a threat to local egg producers. Dr McChesney Emmanuel has issued a statement clarifying the misunderstanding.

Emanuel, speaking at a local radio show, said that Zacky-Mann Farms, which will produce poultry for the local and regional market, would also add eggs to its wares.
Emanuel since rectified this, as Zacky-Mann Farms does not intend to produce eggs, only poultry for local consumption and export. What Zacky-Mann is doing is offering to buy fertilised local eggs, to supplement the hatchlings it shall import to raise for meat.
Not only will the market for eggs remain the preserve of local farmers, but Zacky-Mann will offer an opportunity for significant expansion in the sector. The company stresses that local egg producers need not fear local competition.
Zacky-Mann is a California based producer of poultry products. The company, starting out as a small,  family run business, is now an integrated poultry operation, functioning as a grower, processor, wholesaler and retailer.
Zacky-Mann Farms will break ground for the Antigua & Barbuda operation by the end of 2012, creating 600 construction jobs.


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