Arbor Acres broiler breeder seminar in Taiwan

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Arbor Acres broiler breeder seminar in Taiwan
Arbor Acres broiler breeder seminar in Taiwan

Arbor Acres organised a three day event with the theme of ‘Knowledge and Progress’ focussed on assisting service and farm managers to achieve optimal breeder performance. The event also provided updates on issues and challenges facing Asia.

The seminar attracted over 40 attendees from 23 companies located in 9 countries in the region to participate in the three day event which included a sightseeing day to a number of the unique attractions Taipei has available.

Current global crisis of Avian Influenza and bio-security

Attendees were welcomed by Marc Baribault, VP Arbor Acres Asia Pacific and Han Feng, VP Aviagen China along with a product video highlighting the beginning of Arbor Acres and the product’s growth and future in the region today. Saksake Pacharadit, Assistant VP Arbor Acres then delivered his view of Arbor Acres today and tomorrow which was followed by Aviagen’s Regional Service Manager, Mark Wright on how to deliver the message and creating change. The morning was concluded by Dr. Young Ho Hong who addressed current global crisis of Avian Influenza and bio-security.

Importance of early brooding on bird performance and production

During the afternoon attendees participated in two interactive, practical workshops which encouraged direct participation and hands-on training.  One was managed by Debbie Fisher, Arbor Acres Service Manager titled “Brooding – the First 48 Hours” and emphasised the importance of early brooding on bird performance and production. The second workshop was managed by Yao Fang, Aviagen Hatchery Specialist Asia Pacific on “The Importance of Egg Handling and Storage on Fertility”.

Reach genetic potential of the breeder

Day two focused on bird management and how to cope with challenges in the field. Stan Keimer, Arbor Acres Service Manager started the morning out with broiler breeding, rearing and uniformity which closely supported the previous day’s workshop on the importance of brooding. Rod Konrad, Arbor Acres Service Manager addressed optimising flock performance through good management and how important it is to maintain good management techniques to reach the genetic potential of the breeder. Guest speakers Dr. Jeanna Wilson then spoke on what is important to maintain flock fertility while Mike Czarick focused on minimum ventilation in hot climates. Both of these important issues were delivered by two renowned speakers in their respective fields and highlighted issues present in the field today.

Practical nutrition in broiler breeders

Day two finished with Dr. Sooncharemying, Aviagen Nutritional Services Manager speaking on practical nutrition in broiler breeders and how this can enhance the product performance and by Yao Fang on short periods of incubation during egg storage (“SPIDES”) and how it improves the hatch for eggs stored over 7 days.

Mr. Joginder Singh, Managing Director Ishwar Research and Breeding Farm Pvt. LTD was introduced as a new member of the Arbor Acres family and gave a short speech on the reasons he chose the Arbor Acres breed over other competitors in the market. Special recognition was also given to Arbor Acres Taiwan group led by CEO Dr. Willis, Ms. Doris Liu and Peter Hu for helping to make this seminar a resounding success.