Australian processors apply for broiler free range protocol

19-07-2012 | | |

The Australian Poultry Industry Association (APIA) has made an application to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to allow an APIA approved and regulated free range protocol to be recognised.

The ACCC sought the views of interested parties including the animal protection organisation RSPCA, who have their own RSPCA audited broiler farming protocols.

In Australia the demand for free range and other perceived welfare friendly production methods is increasing (like the RSPCA audited product), which certainly appeals to the big retailers who claim consumers want these products.

The ACCC has received an application to register a certification trade mark (CTM) lodged by Inghams Enterprises, Baiada Poultry, Turi Foods, Cordina Chicken Farms, Golden Cockerel, Hazeldene’s Chicken Farms and Red Lea Chickens, under the name of the Australian Poultry Industries Association (APIA).

The APIA CTM application proposes a number of ‘industry’ standards, including standards addressing stocking densities for free range chicken and turkey meat production.

More comprehensive standard
APIA states that the CTM has been developed because it felt a need to develop a national industry standard for free range poultry meat that is more comprehensive, addresses animal welfare concerns held by customers and consumers more fully, and is wholly focused on chicken and turkey meat.

Among others, the proposed standards will cover farm practices and related activities such as housing, stocking density, feed production, the slaughtering process, transport and traceability required to be implemented for chicken and turkey meat to be allowed to be sold as APIA Free Range Accredited.

The APIA CTM logo will appear on the packaging of chicken and turkey meat products and is intended to indicate that chicken meat and turkey meat products are APIA accredited free range.

For more details, see the APIA Free Range Certification Program