Aviagen Kft celebrates 10th anniversary and holds seminar

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Aviagen Kft celebrates 10th anniversary and holds seminar
Aviagen Kft celebrates 10th anniversary and holds seminar

Aviagen Kft celebrated a decade in business recently. Over the last 10 years, the company has grown from just 10 staff to more than 80 as the Ross 308 continues to rise in popularity.

This popularity was reflected in the recent Parent Stock Seminar for Ross customers in Uzbekistan, held not long after the ‘official birthday’ celebrations, which saw 30 of the country’s poultry producers attend.

“The story in Uzbekistan is almost a template for the overall success story of Aviagen Kft,” Balazs Takacs, general manager, Aviagen Kft commented. “The market in Uzbekistan is a strong one and is typical of the entire region. Growing prosperity and population figures mean that this is a country with huge potential. Across the region we have seen sales rise from three million parents to over nine million, a massive vote of confidence in our ability to deliver quality chicks and high performing flocks.”

To support this growth, Aviagen Kft has expanded the production base from five to 17 farms and built up an excellent technical service network with 15 highly experienced sales and technical service managers, providing service support in 10 languages.

A large part of the success in Central and Eastern Europe has been led by close customer contact. In Tashkent, Uzbekistan, the Aviagen team, led by Dr Boyko Dimitrov, regional business director, and Sava Yordanov, technical service manager, updated the audience on Aviagen’s global activities and shared helpful management advice on lighting and biosecurity to ensure the delegates learnt practical hints and tips to continually enhance the performance of their stock.

Anniversary celebrations took place at the Aviagen Kft office in Győr, Hungary although over 25 countries are now supplied by Aviagen Kft, amongst them Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania, as well as the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Takacs added: “We are delighted to celebrate our first decade of Aviagen Kft and to share our ongoing success with our employees and customers. Regular farm visits and data analysis are important tools which allow us to consistently monitor the performance of the final product and provide the right level of support and advice from our global network at a local level. This from-the-bottom-up approach ensures that we are close to our market at all times.”

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