Aviagen purchases Peterson Farms

19-08-2010 | | |
Aviagen purchases Peterson Farms

Aviagen announced plans to purchase the “Peterson Male” broiler breeder genetic line from Peterson Farms in Decatur, AR, USA. As part of the agreement, Aviagen will also acquire use of the Peterson brand name for broiler breeder stock.

Peterson has been an important male line breeder since 1959,” said Randall Ennis, CEO of Aviagen, Inc. “Acquiring the Peterson male line is a strategic move for Aviagen’s global business as it will increase the diversity of our genetic pool, and it supports our commitment to sustainability.”

According to Aviagen, the Peterson male was the gold standard for broiler breeder males worldwide for many years providing high reproductive traits, superior feed conversion and rapid growth.
Lloyd Peterson introduced the Peterson male in 1954-55, and our primary emphasis has continued to be on the male line,” said Blake Evans, president, Peterson Farms. “We’re pleased that Aviagen will preserve my grandfather’s legacy and that the Peterson male line will endure for the future.”
The acquisition builds on a shared history between the two companies. Throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s, the broiler breeder paired the Peterson’s male with the Arbor Acres female line, one of the leading global broiler breeder brands.


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