Aviagen welcomes Leong Hup Holdings to Scotland

29-04-2010 | | |

Aviagen welcomed Tan Sri Francis Lau, of Leong Hup Holdings Berhad, Malaysia, and 2 of his colleagues to Scotland. Leong Hup is one of Aviagen’s customers in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines, using the Ross breed.

Tan Sri Francis Lau’s party met Aviagen’s management team and enjoyed presentations by Graeme Dear, General Manager, Aviagen, and Santiago Avendano, Senior Geneticist. They also participated in wide-ranging discussions on the future of the global industry and how Southern Asia in particular will play an important role in the future industry. Tom Exley, Aviagen’s VP of International Business, championed these discussions.

Graeme Dear: “It was a great honour for us to welcome Tan Sri to the UK for the first time in years. This was a fantastic opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss how we can continue working for the future of the industry and both businesses. We pride ourselves on our global supply and support capabilities and we always enjoy meeting our customers face-to-face.“

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist
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