Aviagen welcomes Swiss delegation to Scotland

28-01-2010 | | |

Aviagen recently welcomed a delegation of Swiss customers to Scotland made up of representatives from Bell AG and Micarna SA, two of Switzerland’s largest poultry companies.

They were accompanied by members of Aviagen EPI’s technical team, Otto van Tuijl, Technical Director, and Maurice Sander, Commercial and Technical Manager, and spent time at Aviagen’s Scottish office and trials farm.

The visit provided the delegates with the opportunity to hear about Aviagen’s global and European activities, receive updates on R&D and product performance, as well as discussing the latest veterinary and nutritional advice. The highlight of the visit, however, was the tour of the trials farm, where the guests were shown the different trials that are taking place to further improve the performance of Aviagen products.

Otto Van Tuijl: “Bell AG and Micarna SA work very closely together. Switzerland is only able to provide around 50% of its poultry needs internally so companies who would be rivals elsewhere in the world work together for the good of the market. This spirit of partnership is something we identify with very strongly here at Aviagen.  Our colleagues in Scotland organised a first-class visit and proved to be excellent hosts. Ross is extremely popular in Switzerland and provides customers with excellent performance at all levels.”

Anton Grub, Production Manager, Micarna SA: “We appreciated the opportunity to meet with Aviagen personnel in order to understand the direction of the Aviagen breeding programme and make them aware of our specific needs. Visiting the trials facilities enabled us to see the work carried out to consistently improve the health and wellbeing of the birds.”

Dr Franz Renglie, Veterinarian, Bell AG: “The visit was incredibly useful and the information we received on the changing nutritional needs of both parent stock and broilers is something I will take back and which I am going to bring to the attention of our feed suppliers for implementation.”

Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist