Baiada Poultry struggling with strike

18-11-2011 | | |

Workers at Baiada Poultry in Laverton North in Victoria, Australia, have continued their strike action despite a Supreme Court injunction to stop union officials from blocking vehicles at the site.

About 200 workers went on an indefinite strike last Wednesday following four months of wage and workplace condition negotiations with Baiada Poultry, one of the biggest poultry processors of Australia. Baiada is the primary poultry provider for Coles supermarkets, Woolworths, Aldi, Nandos, KFC and Red Rooster.
Coles supermarkets have felt the brunt of the strike, with many of their supermarkets running out of chicken. The continuing blockade is now causing major problems for Baiada. A company representative said the delivery contracts of about 70 Victorian farmers had been suspended, a move that affects the vast bulk of its supply in Victoria. Baiada owns brands Steggles and Lilydale chicken.
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Ad Bal Freelance journalist