Belarusian Ross seminar focuses on improving chick quality

26-05-2011 | | |

Aviagen and their Grandparent (GP) customer PPR Broiler recently teamed up to host a seminar for Belarusian Parent Stock (PS) customers. With a rapidly growing PS market in the country, this was the second of the now annual seminars to be held.

Over seventy people from fourteen farms across Belarus attended the seminar in Minsk to hear presentations on nutrition, ventilation, hatchery management and vaccinations.

The Ross 308 has been very successful in the country: Since the first chick delivery to PPR Broiler in October 2008, which signalled the start of the GP partnership, PS production has risen from 214,000 in 2009 to a projected 1.5m in 2011.

Eduard Taktarov, Aviagen’s Sales Manager for the region, said: “The Ross 308 has been a great success; however, we never rest on our laurels and are always keen to offer support and advice to the wider industry. We promised to organise an on-going programme of events as part of our overall technical support and we are delivering on that.

Belarus is an important market and the country has a real commitment to developing a sustainable, local food supply. Ross parents and broilers are a vital part of that initiative as the Number 1 choice in the country.”

Source: Aviagen

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