Betagro focuses on branding meat products

20-10-2011 | | |

Betagro, Thailand’s second-largest chicken exporter, is to focus more on the building up of three brands to enhance access to different markets.

The plan is focused on developing S-Pure as a flagship brand to present the company’s image in fresh chicken and pork products, while HyMeat is focused on high-quality eggs and the Betagro brand itself is for export and corporate purposes.

The group says the three brands will emphasise the company’s premium-quality production for both the local and export markets.

The group has enjoyed average annual growth of 15% and is targeting sales of Bt60 billion this year. Vasit Taepaisitphongse, executive vice president and group chief operating officer, said the company’s investment from now on would focus on regional development by upgrading facilities and technology.

He added that the group had also launched a new product to access the European Union market. “We have to promote the Betagro brand as that is our strategy for the export market, while S-Pure and HyMeat are for the domestic market,” he said, adding that the group needed to develop new products that differentiate the company from what its customers, original-equipment manufacturers, have ordered. The company deals with up to 60 producers in the EU.

“In particular, the EU market has a limited export quota of 160,000 tonnes of imported chicken products from Thailand, under which our customers have been allocated only 1.4%, and their demand now exceeds the quota,” Vasit said.

To achieve its goal, the company invests an average of Bt3 billion per annum in creating assets through new plant establishment such as feed mills, a sourcing house and slaughterhouses.

Source: The Nation