Book announcement: Guinea Fowl Production

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Book announcement: Guinea Fowl Production

Lulu publishers have just announced the publication of ‘Guinea Fowl Production’, a new reference guide for those interested in the management and husbandry of guinea fowl.

The book is written by Dr Ross Gordon Cooper and Dr Sharam Golzar Adabi, and is aimed at guinea fowl enthusiasts. There are numerous papers in the literature associated with guinea fowl research, interesting details of which have been extracted and included forthwith. The authors have also drawn on their extensive experience of guinea fowl husbandry and knowledge of the beneficial effects of guinea fowl meat and eggs.

The guinea fowl (Numida spp.), a native bird endemic to tropical Africa has six species that form the subfamily Numidinae within the pheasant family (Phasianidae). It was domesticated for about 5,000 years and is distributed across most of southern Africa. All modern domesticated birds are likely derived from the West African sub-species N. m. galatea. The Vulturine guinea fowl (Acryllium vulturinum) has an extremely attractive plumage including brilliant blue on its breast and back, and lives in dry, scrubby regions of eastern Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia. The Helmeted guinea fowl (N. meleagris) is widely found in southern Africa. It is a large bird ca. 40-71 cm in length, and weighs 700-1600 g.

Title: Guinea Fowl Production; A guide for domestic & wild guinea fowl enthusiasts
Authors: Ross Gordon Cooper & Shahram Golzar Adabi
ISBN: 978-1-4716-9994-8

The book can be purchased on-line from the publisher: Lulu