Bounty Fresh Food continues investments in Petersime S-line

05-04-2011 | | |
Bounty Fresh Food continues investments in Petersime S-line

Less than three months after the installation of its first Petersime BioStreamer incubators, Bounty Fresh Food of the Philippines has decided to replace all of its multi-stage incubators at the Tarlac broiler hatchery with BioStreamer single-stage setters and hatchers.

In early 2009, the leading Filipino poultry producer Bounty Fresh Food made a decisive move towards single-stage incubation by installing Petersime’s BioStreamer incubators in the framework of their Tarlac broiler hatchery expansion. Commissioned in 2010, the management very quickly decided to replace all of the multi-stage incubators with BioStreamer incubators, featuring Embryo-Response incubation technologies.

The new contract includes BioStreamer 24S setters with OvoScan sensors and BioStreamer 8H hatchers with Synchro-Hatch scanners. The total setting capacity at Tarlac hatchery will reach 1,500,000 eggs per week. Petersime will also deliver and install the air conditioning equipment for the installation.

“When we saw the increased performance of our newly installed BioStreamer incubators, we immediately decided to replace our other incubators,” says Kenneth Cheng, owner of Bounty Fresh Food. “Although these incubators are only 11 years old, we are convinced that the investment in the new BioStreamer single-stage technology will provide us with an increased return on investment.”

Bounty Fresh Food Inc. is one of the leading and fastest growing broiler integrators in the Philippines. It is the only fully-integrated poultry company in the Philippines that has continuously invested in state-of-the-art company-owned facilities – grandparent farm, parent stock farm, hatcheries, dressing plants, feed mills, and cool-cell broiler complexes – embracing technology to achieve world class efficiency and market competitiveness.