BPC Duck Assurance Scheme standards developed

17-09-2012 | | |
BPC Duck Assurance Scheme standards developed

The Duck Assurance Scheme (DAS) launched by the British Poultry Council in 2010 is to become a partner of Red Tractor Assurance.

The standards of the scheme are founded on scientific knowledge and practical experience, and recognise production standards for food safety, animal welfare, environmental protection and continuous professional development for all personnel involved in the business.

The standards include requirements in line with government recommendations for sufficient sitting and moving space as well as easy access to feed, drinking water and bathing water.

The Duck Assurance Scheme permits a range of bathing resources that allow a range of bathing activities that meet the needs of the birds. Fresh clean drinking water is also provided. Extensive research work carried out at Oxford University showed that the provision of open water is important to duck health and welfare and can be supplied in various ways.

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