Brazil agrees on poultry quotas

11-12-2006 | | |

New quotas for imports of poultry from Brazil have been agreed with the EU.

There is now a tariff of more than Euro1000/t for products over quota, says Nan-Dirk Mulder, senior industry analyst at Rabobank. Negotiations however are continuing with Thailand, which has yet to agree to its new quotas. Salted fillets, turkey products and cooked chicken are provided for, but not uncooked chicken product.
“The good thing for the European poultry sector is that the out-of-quota levies for cooked chicken and turkey meat are significantly higher than before. This will save the production of cooked processed meat in Europe,” said Mulder.
On the absence of uncooked processed meat in the proposals, Brazil is an important and growing supplier of these products.
He suggested the Thai broiler processors and exporters had already said the current quota would be too small for Thailand, so an agreement would not be easy to reach.

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