Brazil plans to grow duck production

30-08-2021 | | |
Brazil launches new duck brand to increase international sales. Photo: Daniel Azevedo
Brazil launches new duck brand to increase international sales. Photo: Daniel Azevedo

Brazil is well known as the main broiler exporter and is now planning to grow duck production.

Brazilian producers and government aim to boost the duck meat sector using the learnings of the broiler sector.

The world duck market has growth over recent decades. FAO data shows duck meat production increased by 54.3% from 3.1 million tonnes to 4.8 million tonnes between 2004 and 2020. Meanwhile, exports jumped from 159,900 tonnes to above 300,000 tonnes between 2003 and 2018. As a consequence, the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA) and the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brazil) launched the brand ‘Brazilian Duck’, as they did with ‘Brazilian Chicken’, ‘Brazilian Pork’, ‘Brazilian Eggs’ and ‘Brazilian Breeders’ before.

International growth

The new international brand seeks to increase exports in the segment using Brazils existing chains for poultry exports in general and certified/specialised companies in that market.

According to ABPA, Brazil produced 4,120 tonnes and exported 3,900 tonnes of duck meat in 2020, a volume 26.55% higher than previous year, generating US$ 10.5 million in foreign exchange for the country last year. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are the main destinations and bought 1,390 tonnes and 1,000 tonnes, respectively.

Special focus on Asia and the Middle East

In its strategy, Brazilian Duck will strengthen brand values such as credibility, sustainability, sophistication and excellence (for a premium market), with a special focus on countries in Asia and the Middle East – target markets for the sectorial project.

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“There is a great opportunity to expand the export portfolio with high value-added. Using the strength already established by the poultry sector, we will reinforce a positive perception of this Brazilian product,” says Ricardo Santin, president of ABPA.

Daniel Azevedo Freelance journalist Brazil