Brazil’s increased exports create food additive demand

06-03-2007 | | |

Revenues from Brazil’s export of chicken meat to 142 countries reached US$3.5 billion, up 35% from the previous year. Internal consumption also increased by 4.69% reaching 35.4 kilograms per person.

Brazil’s position as one of the most important meat exporters in the world and one of the leading animal feed producers is driving strong growth of its animal feed additives market.
Brazil’s average annual production of animal feed is 47 million tons, while its export of chicken and pork meat is steadily rising from year to year, as is the internal consumption of these products. These factors have done much to boost the Brazilian market for animal feed additives.
According to Frost & Sullivan research analyst Victoria Verdier, “As demand for feed additives is related to animal feed production, the steady demand for poultry and swine is expected to drive the growth of the animal feed industry and consequently, the additives market in Brazil from 2006 to 2012.”
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