Breaking eggs at high speed

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Breaking eggs at high speed

Coenraadts introduces the new high speed OvoMaster. The machine has a breaking line capacity of up to 140,000 eggs per hour and maximum yield.

By implementing a carousel system, the capacity of the new breaking machine has almost tripled. A prototype has been up and running for a year now.  The new line achieves its high high yield thanks to the longer draining time for
egg white. With a capacity of 110,000 eggs per hour, the draining time of a Coenraadts breaking machine is only 2.8 seconds.

Another advantage is that the the nett dimension of the breaking line is only 8.5 x 5.5 metres.

The loader is designed for plastic and carton trays and is powered with servo drives and controls for all important motions. In addition, Coenraadts makes minimum use of pneumatic cylinders, so that the motions are smooth and

The loading process components are at the outside of the machine. Only one person can load the machine.
The breaker is equipped with 22 supports, each with 12 breaking units, made of mirror polished
stainless steel. The breaking knifes are made of duplex stainless steel, giving a high wear resistance.

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