BRF switches to cage-free eggs

04-09-2020 | | |
BRF moves its timeline to use cage free eggs forward by 5 years and wants the job done by the end of this year. Photo: Hans Banus
BRF moves its timeline to use cage free eggs forward by 5 years and wants the job done by the end of this year. Photo: Hans Banus

BRF has announced all eggs used in its processed products will come from cage-free systems as of this month.

The measure is part of an initiative to increase animal welfare sooner rather than later. The current step was originally planned for 2025.

According to the company, more than 23 million eggs are used each year in the production of its processed products, such as lasagna, pizza, cheese breads and pies. Starting this month, those eggs come from a supplier that has the Cage Free certification attested by the NGO Certified Humane. Its standards include balanced nutrition free of antibiotics or hormones, resting areas for animals and adequate space for natural manifestation of each species.

Eliminated use of caged layer eggs

“With this initiative in Brazil, we have eliminated the use of eggs of layers raised in cages. In other words, we take another step in order to confirm our complete commitment to animal welfare and the best global practices,” says Neil Peixoto, vice-president of Quality, R&D and Sustainability at BRF. The project is based on collaborative work with the NGO World Animal Protection. “Moving the timeline 5 years forward is proof that adopting measures that benefit animal welfare, with proper planning, can be simpler than it seems,” highlights Helena Pavese, executive-director of the NGO.

BRF connects farms and agtechs
BRF (Brazil Foods) has implemented the use of an application to strengthen communication with integrated producers throughout Brazil.

‘Animal Welfare Made by BRF’ program

Since 2018, BRF has been expanding Sustainability area and implementing initiatives throughout its chain. An example is the internal program called ‘Animal Welfare Made by BRF’. The program coordinates commitments, standards, processes, indicators and training for all suppliers, from transporters, integrated producers, partners and employees, to act in a correct and compassionate manner on each stage of poultry and pig production process. Furthermore, BRF is guided by national and international legislation and the “five liberties” respected by the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC).

Transparency and sustainability

Before the end of this year, all BRF´s industrialised products in Brazil, which have eggs in their formulation, shall use cage-free eggs in their composition. “Based on pillars of safety, quality and integrity, animal welfare is part of our strategy,” comments Peixoto. According to him, the company developed a well-structured sustainability area to support an increasingly transparent relation about their processes in order to develop a sustainable business.

Daniel Azevedo Freelance journalist Brazil