Butterball expands turkey burger line in Carthage Missouri facility

24-08-2012 | | |
Butterball expands turkey burger line in Carthage Missouri facility

Butterball has increased the product processing capabilities at its Carthage facility with an expansion of its existing burger line as well as new tray pack and roll stock roast lines. The expanded lines combined add 90 jobs to the facility while helping to streamline operations within the plant.

Butterball-Carthage is a 120.8 M2, 600-employee facility. The burger line expansion is expected to help Butterball turn out burgers for retail sale at a projected rate of 4,990 tonnes per year.

Additionally, a new roll stock roast line, which began in May at the Carthage plant, incorporates a new form of packaging and adds approximately 20 jobs at the facility. At a projected output of 3,629 tonnes of turkey breast per year, the roll stock line advances both the machine and space utilization within the Carthage plant while promoting Butterball’s overall sustainability goals.

Lastly, a new tray pack line will begin running in October 2012 to produce packaged ground turkey for consumer markets. The new line, projected to turn out approximately 6,350 tonnes of ground turkey per year, will add two new shifts and create more than 30 local jobs in the community. The tray pack line is expected to gradually grow its production numbers until it reaches a target output of 9,072 tonnes per year.

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