Ceva AH Indonesia launches website

13-07-2012 | | |

At the 7th Indolivestock in Jakarta, held from 4 to 6 July 2012, Ceva Animal Health Indonesia launched a website in Bahasa Indonesia, Indonesia’s official language.

The website contains information about Ceva Animal Health Indonesia’s profile, products, equipments and services, and also technical information on diseases.

Regional director Ceva Animal Health Asia Pacific Ruud Aerdts said, “We have a lot of information that we want to share with our Indonesian customers. Everybody can just go to the website and download information they need for free. We have many corporate websites in different languages. Every country can make their own edition. The basic information is the same, but every country can add specific information about their country and their team.”

With the launching of the website, Aerdts expects to get closer to Ceva Animal Health customers in the Indonesian market. Although one-on-one discussion is still the best way to be closer to customers,  Aerdts thought that a website was another way to communicate to customers, providing them with a kind of reference.

Aerdts added that the website was not linked to social media such as Facebook and Twitter yet. “First we’ll start offering the website as a basic tool, later on we’ll go further and explorethe possibilities of social media.”

In-ovo vaccination
Ceva’s business in Indonesia moves fast, said Aerdts. “Our Indonesian customers want the latest technology. That’s why we supply a lot of new technologies, new things and new ideas,” he said.

Aerdts further said that hatchery vaccination is the core business of Ceva in Indonesia. And regarding to the latest technology, he said that the next step for the Indonesian market is in-ovo vaccination. “The next step, and also the next challenge, is in-ovo vaccination. We hope to launch it here soon,” Aerdts said. 

Source: Arief Fachrudin