Ceva to launch hatchery vaccination at WPC

24-07-2012 | | |
Ceva to launch hatchery vaccination at WPC

Vaccinating against Newcastle and Gumboro disease has always been difficult for broiler producers because of the uncertainty created by varying MDA levels in chicks.


Ceva scientists will use this year’s World’s Poultry Congress, focusing on Poultry Health and Biosecurity, to present the latest advance in hatchery vaccination. For the first time, a single dose of vaccines given in the hatchery can produce life-long protection against Newcastle and Gumboro disease.

Ceva calls this significant step forward, using Vectormune HVT-ND and Transmune IBD – The “Perfect Pair”.

As Diamond sponsor, Ceva will welcome more than 200 professionals and guests from around the world.

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