Cherkizovo implements Pas Reform hatchery technology

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Cherkizovo implements Pas Reform hatchery technology
Cherkizovo implements Pas Reform hatchery technology

Russia’s Cherkizovo Group will place Pas Reform’s Smart single-stage incubation and hatchery technologies at the heart of Russia’s largest and most progressive new poultry complex.

The installation, due towards the end of next year, will include 108 SmartSetPro setters, each with capacity for 115,200 eggs, 20 smaller 57,600 capacity SmartSetPro setters and 152 SmartHatchPro hatchers. The comprehensive installation also includes a complete line of hatchery automation systems, with automated egg receiving, egg transfer and chick handling and a hatchery climate control system that incorporates energy-saving heat recovery systems.

Each setter will be equipped with Pas Reform’s Adaptive Metabolic Feedback (AMF) – the company’s latest innovation to ensure that specific conditions are maintained throughout the metabolic development of each embryo. AMF maximises uniformity by optimising airflow, the evaporation of moisture and air redistribution.

With annual production set at 240mn eggs per annum, high levels of automation have been commissioned, to reduce labour costs and save time, while delivering accuracy and efficiency in production and promoting high quality in the day old chicks.

The integrated project, being hailed as a ‘live-work-play agro-industrial campus’, will also include broiler and parent stock farms, slaughter plant, waste and recycling plant, feed mill and other facilities. It is anticipated that around 5,000 people will live and work on the ‘campus’ when it becomes fully operational, in 2015.

Cherkizovo’s new poultry production and processing cluster will include five broiler sites with a combined capacity of 10 million birds, four parent stock and reproduction sites for 900,000 birds and a slaughtering complex with a 24,000/hour capacity.

At full capacity, the new Cherkizovo complex will produce more than 125,000 tonnes of poultry and meat products per annum.

Source: Pas Reform