Chicken consumption down by 33% in Kathmandu

29-05-2012 | | |

General strikes in Kathmandu has affected chicken consumption to the extent that restaurants and hotels are closing.

The citizens of Kathmandu consume some 250,000 kg of chicken daily, but with the general strikes (locally known as banda) chicken consumption in the Nepalese capital is down by 33%.
As the situation continues, farmers may have no choice but to dump their stock on the markets.
Jung Bahadur GC of the national Chicken Sellers’ Association has stated that the banda has depressed wages, while at the same time rising the price of chicken. Disruption of feed transport due to the banda  is likely to have further knock-on effects. 
GC said. “Many poultry farmers have expressed worries about shortage of feed in their farms.”
Source: Republica

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