Chile recalls US chicken exports

29-07-2013 | | |
Chile recalls US chicken exports
Chile recalls US chicken exports

The US Agriculture Department has reported a recall by the Chilean Health Ministry of dioxin-tainted chicken products exported to the United States.

After official notification from the government of Chile of the positive result for dioxin, FSIS instructed importers to hold product, which was presented for re-inspection. FSIS has determined that 188,522 lbs (85,500 kg) of chicken may be affected and 126,082 lbs (57,000 kg) is currently being held. The agency is investigating the distribution of the remaining 62,440 lbs (28,000 kg) and verifying if additional shipments are involved. FSIS may expand the public notification and will take necessary and appropriate action after analyzing updated information received from the government of Chile.

The FSIS conducted an analysis of the Chilean test results and determined the risk to US consumers was negligible.

The FSIS is performing effectiveness checks in the United States by verifying that companies that have received the chicken products included in the Chile-initiated recall have been notified and that all of the adulterated chicken is held and destroyed.

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