Cobb Arabia in operation

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Cobb Arabia in operation
Cobb Arabia in operation

Three years after its foundation, Cobb Arabia has gone into operation. During the recently held AgraME tradeshow in Dubai, this was officially announced and celebrated.

Cobb Arabia was founded in 2011 as a franchise of Cobb Europe.  The venue is Arrar City, in the northern region of Saudi Arabia.

“The area looked literally like the moon”, says Euan Meldrum of Cobb Europe. “There was nothing, absolutely nothing…”

Here Cobb Arabia acquired a piece of land of 11 x 8 kilometres and founded two rearing and two production farms. Everything is brand new. State of the art equipment is used in order to create the best possible conditions for the birds and the highest biosecurity standards.

“The objective is to serve our customers in the Gulf Economic Community from Cobb Arabia”, says Meldrum. “In our new HatchTech hatchery with a capacity of 4,500,000 chicks per year, we will produce Grand Parent Stock. Through this, we can save on transport time and expenses and directly reach our customers in the Gulf region. Also this enables us to be more flexible in supplying chicks to other destinations. Now we are in full operation. Cobb Arabia is ready for its task.”

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