Cobb strengthens position in South Korea

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Cobb strengthens position in South Korea
Cobb strengthens position in South Korea

Cobb is strengthening its position in the South Korean market following the introduction of the MV Male, one of the company’s four available products, to the Harim Group.

The introduction took place at a seminar attended by more than 50 people, who reviewed information on biosecurity, uniformity, ventilation and managing body weight – all related to getting the most out of the bird.

Harim Group is one of the largest agri-food companies in South Korea with more than 50 affiliated businesses.

MV Males have ‘fantastic growth rates’

Dr Orlando Fernandez, director of Cobb’s Asia Technical Service, said MV Males were well-known for being very efficient feed converters and for having fantastic growth rates. It is also recognised as having greater hatchability, fertility and liveability for the life of the flock and is adaptable to various weights, environments and nutritional programmes. It has been tested for the past seven years and Cobb introduced the breed into Indonesia and China last summer.

“This product requires slightly different management approaches to perform at the top of its genetic potential,” he added.

Hands-on access to Harim facilities

Dr Fernandez said the seminar was a great opportunity for Cobb’s technical experts to get hands-on access to Harim facilities in Iksan City so that they could identify needs and make recommendations for best results out of the MV Male.

In turn, Harim employees learned about brooding efficiency and increasing final broiler performance results.

Strong focus on food safety

The Harim group operates a prominent research and development centre in Korea’s agriculture and livestock industry with a strong focus on food safety. It is the leading producer of chicken, pork and feed in South Korea and also makes beef, duck and television home shopping products.

Additionally, the group also owns 11 companies in the US, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.

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