Concern that nitrate expenses are unnecessary

07-11-2007 | | |
Concern that nitrate expenses are unnecessary

According to the National Farmers Union (NFU) it is not necessary for the government to spend nearly £150 million on nitrate control measures because much work regarding nitrate pollution has already been achieved.

NFU’s nitrate consultant Michael Payne believes that these efforts would be costly, ineffective, and the government could find more important areas where the money could be spent.
Nitrate levels in major Midland waterways have subsided in recent years and nitrate problems associated with poultry manure were eased now that three-quarters of poultry waste went to fuel power stations.
It is reported that other important Midland rivers showing declines of 10-20% include the Thames, Warwickshire Avon and Weaver.
However, there is a concern that these downward trends could not be sustained.
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