Danisco: Enviva EO at the UK Pig & Poultry Fair

10-05-2010 | | |

Enviva EO, a new product based on a blend of essential oil compounds, will be of interest to those looking for safe alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters for pig and poultry production.

Visit the Danisco stand 56 at the UK Pig & Poultry Fair, exhibition hall 2, May 11-12th to find out more about the science behind it.

Enviva EO has shown exciting results in scientific trials carried out throughout the EU, including helping to maintain a healthy gut micro-flora in the broiler (Tiihonen et al. 2010). Trials carried out by ADAS in the UK showed improved feed intakes in broilers in response to Enviva EO.

Andrew Riley, Danisco Business Manager UK: “Customers using Enviva EO today are choosing the product over competitors, because of its superior product form, which enables safe handling in the feed mill and even distribution in the feed.”

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist