Danisco introduces Axtra XAP enzyme

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A new enzyme combination intended for corn-soybean diets with additional DDGS content was introduced by Danisco Animal Nutrition. The product is called Axtra XAP and consists of a blend of fibre degrading xylanase, starch degrading amylase and protein degrading protease enzymes. It is the first product in a new brand of enzymes from Danisco Animal Nutrition.

Especially broiler producers are under pressure to maximise value from their feed and minimize feed costs. The availability and price of higher fibre raw materials such as DDGS and wheat middlings has encouraged higher inclusion in broiler feeds. Consequently diets are becoming more complex and challenging to formulate for optimal performance. “Although feed enzyme technology is an attractive solution to this challenge, until now no product has been designed specifically to combat the challenges posed by modern diets, such as increased levels of arabinoxylans in dietary fibre,” said Gary Partridge, global director for technical services at Danisco. “When including 10% DDGS level of arabinoxylans increases by 25%.”

With that in mind, the industry would require a feed enzyme solution that delivers efficacy and cost savings in feeds that already contain phytase, which already is an industry standard. As a result Axtra XAP was developed. This new generation multi-enzyme is based on three optimised enzyme activities: AAFCO-listed Amylase with Xylanase and Protease. Danisco claims a heat stability of up to 95°C (203°F) and the product is easily incorporated into diets containing its phytase product Phyzyme XP TPT. When used in this combination the company claims net feed costs savings of around $18 per tonne ($11 from Phyzyme and $7 from Axtra xap). Flexibility in diet formulation is increased allowing safely value-added inclusion of up to 12% DDGS in broiler feed.
The product is especially intended for the US market and registered as such. Further registration in other parts of the world is in progress. 

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