De Heus produces specific feed for Aviagen in Poland

20-12-2010 | | |

Aviagen EPI (producer of Ross breeding stock) and De Heus Pasze in Poland signed an agreement to supply specific feed for Aviagen Grand Parent Stock (GPS). This will be used at the Aviagen breeder farms that supply hatching eggs to their new hatchery in Hilbersdorf (Germany).

After a process of reconstructing their feed plants in Poland to up to date standards, De Heus currently also builds a new feed mill in Mieścisko (50 km North-East of Poznan). A specific investment is made to produce high quality feeds according Aviagen protocol. This includes a controlled heat treatment for a specified time in an extra hygienic closed production system with specific attention for deliveries to exclude any recontamination risk.  The aim is to achieve top quality and bacteriological control from the beginning of the chain.

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Ad Bal Freelance journalist