Dioxin scandal: Poultry farm quarantines continue

17-01-2011 | | |

Germany has closed 934 more poultry and pig farms as fears over the contamination of dioxin in animal feed continue. The move came after a manufacturer in Lower Saxony was found to have hidden some of the outlets it sold produce to.

According to information from Lower Saxony a further 934 farms have been closed because of suspected dioxin contamination.
According to the Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection on Saturday the farms affected included 110 laying hen farms, 403 pig farms and 248 pig fattening farms.

Information lack
Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner in Berlin said the House was only informed early Saturday morning by the authorities of Lower Saxony about a compound feed manufacturer in Damme, who had not revealed his suspected dioxin-supply relationship with the affected farms.
The feed miller appeared to also have carried out feed deliveries to North Rhine-Westphalia, Brandenburg and Bavaria. Lower Saxony has informed the state prosecutor, because it suspects the feed firm of criminal intent or gross negligence.
Aigner called for consequences of this breakdown. “This is a scandal in the scandal,” she said.
Lower Saxony Prime Minister David McAllister should act now and consistently continue in controlling the scandal. “I expect by this afternoon a detailed report of the Prime Minister and I expect that he pulls through personal consequences by tonight,” she said.
The ultimatum has went by without response.
McAllister, however, remained calm and told radio station ffn: “Mrs. Aigner has called to the media. Not to me, so I have not reacted.” He had phoned in the morning with Aigner, everything else he had then taken from the media.