Dosatron launches new version of Dia4Re

30-03-2012 | | |
Dosatron launches new version of Dia4Re

Water powered dosing company Dosatron has upgraded its Dia4Re dosage systems to better be able to withstand water loaded with iron or other minerals.


The Dia4Re range was designed for situations with very low water flow (min flow lower than 0.08 l/min) and water pressure (min pressure lower than 0.15 bar), and was released at EuroTier 2010.

The system allows the supply of water to very young  & small groups of animals (birds, pigs) or from header tank not high enough.

The novel version has an upgraded motor version with a special mechanism improvement – this will make the system capable of better dealing with the iron or minerals in the water.

Specific water quality problems are known in some farms to be an issue for dosing pumps,  water meters and  other equipments. They wear faster than normal. In the new design, the Dia4Re wearing part is slowly wearing in such conditions (small moving part relatively easy to replace to keep on working at very low flow).

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