Double L Group brings out Attic Airlock Sleeve

16-07-2012 | | |
Double L Group brings out Attic Airlock Sleeve

The Double L Group has announced that their attic airlock sleeve has now entered patent pending.


The Attic Airlock Sleeve prevents hot air from entering the attic while the inlets are closing and reduces condensation in the attic, contributing to an increased building lifespan. The added air chamber will help keep the inlet from freezing up in extremely cold weather.

The Attic Airlock Sleeve is universal and can be custom made to fit any size inlet.

Constructed of corrugated plastic, the new Airlock Sleeve offers a very economical design. It allows for compact shipping and easy on-site setup and installation. Consumers can save money by reducing fuel consumption when inlets are in operation.

  • For more information go to Double L, click on for a video of the Attic Airlock in operation.