EFSA finds AveMix XG 10 safe for use in turkeys

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EFSA finds AveMix XG 10 safe for use in turkeys
EFSA finds AveMix XG 10 safe for use in turkeys

AveMix XG 10 with its registered endo-1,4-beta-xylanase and endo-1,3(4)-beta glucanase activities is found safe and effective by EFSA in pigs and minor porcine species for fattening and in turkeys for fattening.

AveMix XG 10 is currently authorised for use in chickens for fattening, laying hens, minor poultry species and weaned piglets. With these EFSA opinions and their subsequent adoption by the EC in the near future the registration portfolio of AveMix XG 10 is one step closer to a full registration on all animal species.

EFSA found that the supplementation of AveMix XG 10 to diets for turkeys for fattening resulted in a significant increase in feed to gain ratio and significantly higher body weight.

With the supplementation of AveMix XG 10  to diets for pig for fattening they found that it resulted in a significantly higher body weight and daily weight gain. As well as improved the feed to gain ratio significantly. Since efficacy and safety was already proved before for weaned piglets results could be extrapolated to minor porcine species.

AveMix XG 10, produced by Aveve Biochem www.avevebiochem.com, is a highly active multi-enzyme activity combination designed for monogastric feeds (pigs and poultry).The enzyme activities work synergistically to break down fibre structures. AveMix XG 10 improves the animal performances by increasing the feed digestibility and thus reduces feed costs by providing higher flexibility in feed formulation. It allows upgrading of lower energy feeds and for a higher incorporation of raw materials.

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