Emka listens to customers for incubator design

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Emka listens to customers for incubator design
Emka listens to customers for incubator design

Emka new standard of incubators has been redesigned to incorporate customer ideas and features.

This includes:

•    a single piece central console with smoothed corners for easy cleaning and easy access to all incubator components,

•    a redesigned entry point for cables to eliminate the risk of water penetration,

•    improved door design with hinge and multiple position door lock system,

The new TeggWare controller allows even better control of temperature, humidity, ventilation and other parameters during the development of the embryo. A wide range of settings for all major incubator functions, combined with optional CO2-control and the Dynamic Embryo Link system gives the hatchery manager all the tools he needs to optimize productivity and chick quality.

Energy efficiency has become very important in every producing sector. Since its launch in 2010 Teggnologic27 has been highly successful has therefore been fully integrated into the newly designed incubator as the standard.

Energy efficiency has become a key sales argument in the hatchery business. Emka anticipated this with the Technologic 27™, cooling the incubator with cooling water of 27°C. This technology cools the incubators in a much more economic way. Because the temperature difference between the outgoing water and incoming water is reduced to 5°C it now is practical and feasible to cool for free whenever the outside temperature is below 24 °C.

This not only reduces your energy bill but also makes your hatchery cleaner and environmentally friendly. In times where public awareness has a big influence on the purchase of products that are produced with respect for the planet, this becomes a real advantage for your hatchery.


•    the setters and hatchers are dry and free from condensation,

•    it reduces the risk of bacterial growth,

•    it eliminates cooling pipes from getting covered by fluff and reducing cooling capacity,

•    it also encourages optimal fluff collection in the fluff-tunnel or in our new fluff bags.

New user interface:

The new TeggWare controller has been combined with the new TeggView user interface. The interface is symbol/icon based for easy universal comprehension and where necessary has multilingual event lists, e.g. for history and alarm. When Lan, Wlan and/or internet are available within the hatchery, iTegg can be used to remotely view each individual incubator status, the settings used, incubation history and alarms on any device with a web browser. Apps for iPad, iPhone and Android devices available.