Estonia sees growth potential in domestic poultry market

25-07-2011 | | |
Estonia sees growth potential in domestic poultry market

Consumption of poultry in Estonia in recent years has been constantly growing. Even in 2010, despite an overall decline in sales of food, consumption of poultry meat in Estonia grew by 5%.

Concurrently, production of poultry in Estonia is still modest, and the rate of self-sufficiency is only 54%. This means that there exists a potential for sales growth in Estonian broiler meat. Currently the Estonian poultry market is also very attractive in terms of exports for many neighbouring countries.

According to the country’s Minister of Agriculture, Helir-Valdor Seeder, in the next few years Estonia will develop a poultry industry in an effort to raise as much as possible self-sufficiency in the domestic market. “The consumption of poultry in the world is growing, and it is important to invest in the local poultry industry, so the structure of our agriculture in the future will better meet market demands.” – the Minister said.

In particular within the program of industry development in Estonia, on July 15 a new poultry farm opened with a production capacity of 1.7 million heads of poultry per year and a total volume of investments, equal to 1.1 million euros. A distinctive feature of the new farm will be the fact that it will use only the most modern technologies of poultry meat production.