Estonian demand for poultry increases

28-10-2011 | | |
Estonian demand for poultry increases

Overall meat consumption in Estonia is on a continuous decline, but the statics services of the country report that consumers are nowadays increasingly opting for poultry.

According to the Department of Statistics, last year the total consumption of meat compared to the level of 2009 fell by 4%, while the consumption of poultry meat increased by 5%.

The most popular type of poultry meat is still chicken, although consumption of turkey meat increased significantly last year. The largest poultry producing companies in Estonia are also reporting an increase of sales for the first nine months of this year. Rannamõisa, for example, Estonia largest poultry producer reported an almost threefold increase in sales of duck and turkey meat in comparison with the figures for the same period of last year.

“The three most popular products in our range is still chilled chicken fillet without flavorings, minced ham and turkey chilled broiler. But the rate of sales of duck and turkey this year is  high,” said David Pyarnamets, head of brand of Rannamõisa company.

According to preliminary estimates by the end of 2011 growth in demand for poultry meat in the Estonian market will be from 9% to 11% compared with the level of 2010.