EU approves Novus feed additive for all species

12-05-2010 | | |

Animal health and nutrition company Novus International has announced the EU registration of Mintrex® Zinc (Zn), Mintrex® Manganese (Mn) and Mintrex® Copper (Cu) as feed additives for all species.

Mintrex chelated trace minerals are highly bioavailable to the animal. Chelated minerals have the potential to deliver more trace minerals to the cells and tissues of the animal where it is needed. Unfortunately, not all chelated trace minerals offer improved bioavailability. Only by truly understanding the structure and consistency of the mineral source by investigating its bioavailability, can a producer or nutritionist be assured of a consistent response in the animal.

An animal’s need for trace minerals varies with diet, water source, stages of production, disease challenge, reproduction, oxidative stress and weather stress. The animal has mineral reserves to draw on, but these must be replenished on an ongoing basis. When animals are fed excessive amounts of trace minerals that they cannot absorb, the minerals simply pass through the animal and are excreted into the environment. In addition, excessive trace mineral supplementation can inhibit the absorption of other trace minerals and nutrients.

“Our Mintrex chelated trace mineral line has been successfully addressing animal welfare challenges and cost-versus-performance issues for chicken producers in the EU since late last year,” says François Fraudeau, Novus International VP Europe, Middle East and Asia. “Feeding a high quality and bioavailable trace mineral is important to maximizing the growth potential and wellbeing of production animals. Through its efficient absorption, animals fed MINTREX minerals will be healthier, have better muscle growth and optimal structural integrity of bones, footpads, hooves and skin.”

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist