Europe’s largest free-range chicken farm: human health risk

22-10-2007 | | |

Experts have warned that the establishment of Europe’s largest free-range chicken farm in the Borders could mean Edinburgh’s water supply will be contaminated with life-threatening parasites.

A planning application has been submitted to the local authority by Glenrath Farms, which hopes to house approx. 300,000 chickens in Peebles-shire.
However, concerns have been raised that the water running in the land (aquaduct) carrying the capital’s water supply could be compromised.
A consultancy charity, Living Water, which looks at the ecological treatment of water, has been commissioned by the Blyth Bank Action Group (BBAG) to investigate. The charity’s report claims there is a “high risk” that the development at Blyth Bank Farm, Blyth Bridge, would contaminate the groundwater which feeds into the aqueduct, adding that it will “greatly increase” the risk of parasite.
BBAG secretary Viv Thomson: “We are not against the chicken farm happening, but what we want to know is that none of us will suffer as a result of it happening.”
Glenrath Farms owner John Campbell: “As far as we are concerned, Scottish Water, SEPA and every other organisation have cleared it, and we go by them. It’s not what Living Water say, it’s what the statutory authorities say, and that’s all we need.”
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