EW Nutrition explores use of egg powder in animal diets

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EW Nutrition explores use of egg powder in animal diets
EW Nutrition explores use of egg powder in animal diets

Using egg powder immunoglobulins as a feed ingredient, especially in the feed for young animals, was the basis of EW Nutrition’s recent lecture sessions held in the Philippines and Vietnam.

EW Nutrition speakers and external invited speakers including Dr Mike Varley (The Pig Technology Company), Prof Nguyen Tat Toan (Nong Lam University) and Nancy Romano (DVM, PhD) explained how immunoglobulins from the egg (IgY) work in general and how they can support the sow, neonatal and weaner piglets, as well as calves in different stages of life.

Dr Shofiqur Rahman, a scientist from EW Nutrition Japan K.K, added huge background information and expanded scientific information and the current product applications to humans.

“IgY’s from the egg, fed as an egg powder via the diet, milk replacer or directly as a doser, is a highly innovative approach to management of the young animal where control of diarrhea causing by different pathogens is essential. Egg antibodies (IgYs) attach to the antigens in the intestine, same environment where the pathogens causing diarrhea proliferate and colonise. Thus we also by-pass the time-lag when the animals are vulnerable, the weak immune system underdeveloped and needs time to develop and establish IgG’s,” Dr Fellipe Barbosa (product manager – Globigen) explained.

“For us it is a great moment to see how interested customers are in that topic and to get their feedback directly in the discussions” stated Daniel Tepe of EW Nutrition’s product management team.

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