Farbest Foods announces new turkey plant in Vincennes

02-01-2012 | | |

Farbest Foods will soon break ground for a new turkey processing plant in the US Highway 41 Industrial Park in Vincennes, IN. Projected completion date is 2014.

Once up and running, the new processing plant will initially employ some 300 people with the potential of employing as many as 700, Farbest Foods reports. In addition, the company is planning the construction of a new feed mill that will have the potential to employ up to 30.

A family-owned operation since 1982, Farbest Foods, based in Huntingburg, is one of the largest turkey companies in the United States. Farbest supplies more than a million pounds of raw fresh and frozen turkey products per day to further processors who prepare and package their own brand-name foods.

The company reports its current facilities for turkey processing, feeding and growing are nearly fully utilised after completing a second shift of operations that was started in 2007. Farbest has been investigating alternatives for its planned expansion for more than a year in an effort to meet growing global customer demand for its products.

Construction of the turkey processing plant in the Vincennes industrial park will entail an investment of $70 million, Farbest reports. The feed mill will be constructed at a projected cost of $20 million. The feed mill is expected to benefit local farmers as it will create an additional market for local grain.

Source: Farbest Foods