Fire breaks production at Danish poultry plant

13-06-2012 | | |

A fire at a plant of Denmark’s largest poultry company, Rose Poultry, a subsidiary of HKScan, has forced a break in production.

The duration of the break is as yet unclear, although the company plans to transfer some poultry slaughtering and production from the affected Vinderup plant to the company’s other poultry slaughtering plant in Skovsgaard.

According to the preliminary information the fire was ignited by a welding spark during the installation of a new cooling line. There was no severe personal injury, and the personnel was successfully evacuated.

Rose Poultry, which employs approximately 900 persons, manufactures more than 130 million kg of poultry meat annually and has three production plants in Denmark. The poultry slaughtering operations are centralised to the plants in Vinderup and Skovsgaard.