First HatchBrood facility opened in Poland

26-09-2011 | | |
First HatchBrood facility opened in Poland

The first HatchBrood facility in Poland has been taken into operations the month. The HatchBrood facility is part of a large new project where Zwd Sztuder ordered a complete HatchTech product portfolio as part of an investment program aimed at maximising chick quality.

The new HatchBrood facility, located in Pław, in western Poland, has a capacity of 39,600 chicks. HatchBrood is a new system specially designed to control the environment during brooding period. A carefully controlled brooding environment has been proven to deliver better results, both early and late in the production process. For Zwd Sztuder’s hatchery operations, a complete turnkey hatchery facility with HatchTech Incubation Technology (with a production capacity of 80 million eggs per year) is being constructed. The chicks that hatch in this facility will be transported using two HatchTraveller 70C models.

 “ZWD SZTUDER S.C. is one of the top three poultry companies in Poland, and our standards of quality are extremely high,”said Tomek Sztuder. “That’s why when we heard about HatchTech’s MicroClimer technology and saw what it could deliver in terms of chick quality, we were convinced that it was the best for us. And because this idea of quality is so important to us, it was logical to use the HatchTech systems for brooding and transport as well. By doing so, we can guarantee that this quality runs through the entire production chain, resulting in a higher and more uniform chick quality, a better end-product and a very satisfying ROI for our company”.

Source: HatchTech