Grimaud Star duck breed present in Australia

19-11-2010 | | |

After a long period of study and preparation, Grimaud Freres Selection has announced the placement of the Grand-Parent Stock Star 53 ducks in Pepe’s Ducks operation, located close to Sydney, Australia.

The Australian market is extra difficult for produers and exporters as it requires a very serious and complete sanitary control within the whole company, on the farms of origin and in production methods, to be able to fulfill the Australian sanitary requirements.

Both companies have a long business relationship, with a first placement of Star ducks from France in 2003 to Pepe’s Ducks. This new GP placement is a confirmation of the long term cooperation developed between the two companies, which has also led Pepe’s Ducks to a successful development of production and distribution of Grimaud duck in the Australian duck market within the last 7 years.

For Grimaud Freres Selection, this breeder duck placement confirms the presence and the availability of its breeds in all continents where ducks are produced. For Pepe’s Ducks, this new GP Star duck placement gives the security of access and utilisation of the performance of Grimaud duck genetics for the coming years and the best conditions for continuous economical development of their duck meat production activity.