HatchTech extends global hatchery operations

09-08-2013 | | |
HatchTech extends global hatchery operations
HatchTech extends global hatchery operations

Israeli poultry producer Millouf and HatchTech began their relationship years ago, when Millouf invested in HatchTraveller chick transport systems. Based on their experience with the laminar airflow concept of HatchTech, they decided to install MicroClimer incubators for their existing hatchery.

Results from the HatchTech machines outperformed their traditional incubators in terms of numbers and chick quality. For this reason, Millouf has decided to select HatchTech once again for their mid-2013 extension.

In addition, Chimu has selected HatchTech once again for the extension of its hatchery located in northern Peru. The successful company has extended its hatchery capacity with HatchTech three times over the last four years reaching over 30 million eggs/year capacity.

Kazi Farms, based in Bangladesh, and HatchTech have also agreed on a further extension of their GP operation. Kazi Farms first started working with HatchTech in 2005. In the years after this, HatchTech has been supplier of five extensions.

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