High-Tech duck processing in South Korea

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High-Tech duck processing in South Korea
High-Tech duck processing in South Korea

A large scale, high tech poultry processing facility went into operation near Buan in South Korea. The new CharmFre plant is a huge greenfield project, fitted with equipment from Marel Stork Poultry Processing.

There are four high capacity processing lines under one roof for the primary and secondary processing of different types of poultry. Total maximum throughput is more than 35,000 bph (585 bpm), including ducks.

Everything is included in this large scale project. Marel Stork Poultry Processing successfully integrated new proven technologies for processing various types of poultry such as broilers, tiny ‘Spring Chicken’, ‘Country Chicken’, parent stock, laying hens and ducks. The specific technologies Marel Stork Poultry has developed over the last 4 decades for the different types of poultry, will now prove their strength together. For CharmFre, the processing lines have been designed for the highest processing capacities. The duck processing line can process no less then up to 6,000 ducks per hour (100 bpm) in-line.

For slaughtered ducks, perfect breast skin presentation is essential. The feathers must be completely removed, with any damage to the skin. For CharmFre, Marel Stork supplied a compact, fully enclosed and fully in-line double wax system. A combination of specially developed duck pluckers and evisceration modules gives a duck processing capacity of 6,000 ducks per hour (100 bpm), currently the highest in the industry, as are yields and automation levels too. Ducks are chilled in-line and distributed automatically based on weight.

Ad Bal Freelance journalist