IEC joins OIE working group for animal welfare

22-03-2011 | | |

After many years of relationship building with the OIE, the International Egg Commission (IEC) has been granted a place on the OIE Permanent Working Group for Animal Welfare.

This group is the key decision making body in terms of OIE Animal Welfare Policy, and amongst other things, will be responsible for deciding how the contents and general outcome of the OIE Global Standards on Animal Housing. They will also influence when the OIE draws up these guidelines for the egg industry. Dr Vincent Guyonnet (IEC Scientific Advisor) has been accepted as the IEC representative.

In a statement the IEC said: “This is an important step which we believe will allow the egg industry to have greater insight into the operations of OIE and to have some influence on the outcome of OIE Global Standards on Animal Housing, which will be of importance to the egg industry, particularly in developing and transition countries”.

Source: International Egg Commission